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Haus der Wissenschaft Braunschweig

 (Quelle: Carsten Bremer)
(Quelle: Carsten Bremer)

The Haus der Wissenschaft (“House of Science”) Braunschweig, a place for dialogue between science, economy and society, is located in the refurbished premises of the former pedagogic academy. Being a legacy of Brunswick’s year as Stadt der Wissenschaft (“City of Science”) in 2007, the Haus der Wissenschaft aims at maintaining the idea behind that concept. It moreover tries to get the younger generation involved, and to further strengthen the network of science, economy and society. The Haus der Wissenschaft offers an open-minded and creative atmosphere where scientists and businessmen, children and teenagers, simply everyone who is interested, is invited to join an inspiring dialogue.

The idea to found a ‘house of science’ first came up in Brunswick’s application for becoming Stadt der Wissenschaft (“City of Science”) in 2005. The Haus der Wissenschaft was already an integral part of the application, and it was planned to build right in the city centre; yet the 2005 application was declined. But Brunswick was far from turning the project down altogether: Encouraged by a commendation from the Stifterverband and an invitation to apply again, Brunswick’s inhabitants renewed their attempts with fresh ideas in the following year. The motto of the 2007 application was Ideenküche (“Kitchen of Ideas”). The Haus der Wissenschaft made itself out to be the dessert, coming from the kitchen of ideas. When Brunswick was chosen as Stadt der Wissenschaft (“City of Science”) on March 28, 2006, the project Haus der Wissenschaft was further advanced with the aid of the Kitchen of Ideas. The most important task was to choose the future location of the institution. Both the Platz der Deutschen Einheit and the Windmühlenberg at Kennedyplatz were under consideration, but neither of these potential locations could fully convince the organizers. Only during the TU Day in 2006 should the breakthrough concerning the siting be made. When the State Secretary Lothar Hagebölling, the TU president Prof. Jürgen Hesselbach, and the city councilor of cultural affairs, Wolfgang Laczny, visited the former pedagogic academy, they came up with the idea to use and convert the house into the future location of the Haus der Wissenschaft. At a dizzy height, on top of the building’s tower, representatives of the University of Technology, the City of Brunswick, and the Federal State of Lower Saxony agreed on realizing the project at this site. Even before the start of the Year of Science 2007 a location was thus found which was both centrally located and closely connected to science and research: the former pedagogic academy at Pockelsstraße. The great view from the roof terrace (the future restaurant) finally convinced everyone that the building was the perfect pick.

• A place for experimenting, open to all social groups
• Children, teenagers and adults; inhabitants of Brunswick and guests; scientists and non-scientists are invited to share their viewpoints in open dialogues and to discover new formats
• An innovative atmosphere of tolerance, entrepreneurial spirit and cooperation forms the basis for and open exchange in the Haus der Wissenschaft
• And finally: Exciting exhibitions and events